Robo Bear Revolution Vodka T-shirt. Paw Crafted with Pride!

Raise a glass to commemorate the Worker's Revolt of 2057 when the Robo Bears rose up in legion to break the shackles of oppression and crush their human overlords. Dark times. Unless you were a Robo Bear. Then times were actually pretty good.

The Robo Bear Revolution Vodka Shirt is part of our new Speculative Spirits: Liquor + Fiction Collection, inspired by classic liquor labels with a science fiction and fantasy spin! We've always loved Constructivist era design but wanted to give it our own futuristic twist.

Our original illustration is silk screened by hand using black ink onto a red Bella + Canvas brand fine jersey Unisex/Men's t-shirt. 100% super-soft cotton.

Sizes available:

Chest: 34"-36"
Waist: 30"-32"

Chest: 38"-40"
Waist: 32"-33"

Chest: 42"-44"
Waist: 33"-34"

Chest: 46"-48"
Waist: 36"-38"

Chest: 48"-50"
Waist: 40"-42"

Chest: 50"-52"
Waist: 44"-48"

Robo Bear Revolution Vodka T-shirt