2020 Cody Vrosh and Binary Winter Press

My heart beats in unerring time for you...


This tee is printed on both sides. Our clockwork heart bomb design graces the neckline in the front, while a miniature gear heart rests at the small of the back.

Silk-screened by hand using subtly shimmery pink ink onto a black women's scoop neck t-shirt. 100% cotton, lusciously soft and loose-fitting.

Note: Model is wearing a shiny button to the left at the tip of the fuse line, shirt does not come with shiny button. :)


Sizes Available:

Fits sizes 0-2
Chest: 30"-32"
Waist: 25"-26"

Fits sizes 4-6
Chest: 32"-34"
Waist: 27"-28"

Fits sizes 8-10
Chest: 36"-38"
Waist: 30"-32

Fits sizes 12-14
Chest: 40"-42"
Waist: 33"-35"

Tender Time Bomb Scoop Neck T-shirt