My heart beats in unerring time for you...


This tee is printed on both sides. Our clockwork heart bomb design graces the neckline in the front, while a miniature gear heart rests at the small of the back.

Silk-screened by hand using subtly shimmery pink ink onto a black women's scoop neck t-shirt. 100% cotton, lusciously soft and loose-fitting.

Note: Model is wearing a shiny button to the left at the tip of the fuse line, shirt does not come with shiny button. :)


Sizes Available:

Fits sizes 0-2
Chest: 30"-32"
Waist: 25"-26"

Fits sizes 4-6
Chest: 32"-34"
Waist: 27"-28"

Fits sizes 8-10
Chest: 36"-38"
Waist: 30"-32

Fits sizes 12-14
Chest: 40"-42"
Waist: 33"-35"

Tender Time Bomb Scoop Neck T-shirt