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The Book of Teeth

The Teeth Creatures of Cody Vrosh


The Book of Teeth is a 120 page 8.5x11" full color hardcover book featuring my Teeth Creatures characters.

It’s hard to pin down when The Teeth Creatures started sneaking into my art, they might have always been there. I think the Teeth Creatures became official when I met Professor Teeth. Since then, the Professor has been introducing me to all these big teethed weirdos, and I’ve been bringing them to you on Teeth Tuesdays (#TeethCreatures, #TeethTuesday).

Something I didn’t realize while I was creating the Teeth Creatures, is the strange psychological effect that staring at smiles has. Apparently we human peoples have a habit of smiling back. I discovered that painting and looking at Teeth Creatures…makes you smile. So in many ways, The Book of Teeth is a book of weird smiley happiness. I, for one, would really like a book of happiness, wouldn’t you? The Teeth Creatures have brought me much joy and I hope they do the same for you.

You can check out a video of me painting a couple of my Teeth Creatures characters here:

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