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Cody Vrosh Noctilucent Cover 150 Full
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Gold Jellies Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Skully Hoodie Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Jeweled Waters Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - On Wing and Mourning Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Golden Leaves Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Thoughts Like Silk Spinning Full 150 final
Cody Vrosh Noctilucent - Emotional Support Ghost Full 150 final


Limited Edition Art Book

Small Paintings & Stories in the Glow of Night

(Signed, Sketched & Numbered. Limited Edition of 100)


Noctilucent is the new 2023 art book featuring the vibrant watercolor illustrations of Cody Vrosh, with stories by Cody Vrosh and Sheatiel Sarao. The 48 page 5x8" softcover book contains 42 recent original watercolor paintings and 4 short stories.

The book is printed in full color and professionally saddle-stitched with thick glossy interior pages. Each book is numbered as part of a limited edition print run of 100. It will come signed by the artist with a sketch on the inside.

Each book also comes with two 5x7" art prints of my paintings Wrap Your Arms Around Me and The Fall.


We are book lovers so all our books ship well-protected.

Noctilucent Clouds are, at their simplest, night-shining clouds. The last few years have definitely felt like the darkest timeline. But art, like fog and fungus, grows in shadows. The same clouds that darken our reality illuminate our vision. It's with that concept in mind that I've continued to create. The torrential rain from this clouded night shall wet my brush and blossom my watercolors. We need sunshine to grow, and we're getting there, but there is no bloom like that after a storm. Noctilucent is my glow from inside our dark clouds. I hope you enjoy.

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