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We make books, clothing, art, and mischief.


Binary Winter Press was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cody Vrosh and writer Sheatiel Sarao. Our original intent was world domination, but since then we've realized that having a vehicle for a our DIY publishing efforts and screen printing machinations may actually be more fun. Plus, we haven't gotten around to building an army of killer robots just yet (and everyone knows you can't rule the world until you've got one.)

We started out making books and originally created a few t-shirt designs based on our stories. We had so much fun making tees we could not stop and soon expanded into a full screen printing workshop. Our clothing features all manner of sci-fi and geeky awesomeness, from steampunk to satellites, gentlemen dinosaurs and fairytale astronauts, calculating octopuses and squirrels of the apocalypse.

Our name comes from a scene in our first book in which a little android girl gets lost in a snowfall of 1's and 0's, hence, a binary winter.

We screen print all of our t-shirts, neckties, and scarves by hand ourselves using environmentally safe water-based inks in our eco-friendly and vegan studio in Northern California.


Our work has been featured on many sites across the 'verse, including Boing Boing, Fashionably Geek, The Daily Dot, Geek Native, and Buzzfeed.

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