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Space Pirate Dark Matter Rum. Imported by the Galactic Ghost Ship Trading Company. Bottled in the Parrot Nebula.

The Space Pirate Rum T-shirt is part of our new Speculative Spirits: Liquor + Fiction Collection. We’ve always loved the aesthetic of vintage liquor labels but being geeks, of course, we couldn't resist adding our own sci-fi/fantasy twist! Each design is packed with little details that give you a glimpse into the worlds of our imaginary intoxicants and the fictional distillers that craft them.

Our original illustration is screen printed by hand using silver ink onto a black Bella + Canvas brand fine jersey unisex/men's t-shirt. 100% super-soft cotton.

Sizes available:

Chest: 34"-36"
Waist: 30"-32"

Chest: 38"-40"
Waist: 32"-33"

Chest: 42"-44"
Waist: 33"-34"

Chest: 46"-48"
Waist: 36"-38"

Chest: 48"-50"
Waist: 40"-42"

Chest: 50"-52"
Waist: 44"-48"

Space Pirate Rum T-shirt

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