The Wild at Heart is pleasingly light so, despite its durability, it feels like a delicate object. Perfect for a gentle, and sometimes not-so-gentle, hand.


This Pen is a one-of-a-kind original creation, hand crafted by me, Cody Vrosh. It is made from Wild Olivewood and Red Heart, with upcycled Tea Tin separators. It has been carefully balanced to fit an artist’s hand. Sealed with a durable finish, you and this pen will be friends for a long time.


I think that using a precious instrument elevates the entire experience of making art, and I craft these pens with that in mind. The ritual of sitting down to create and the act of drawing a perfect line, can be that much more sublime when you’re holding a tool that itself is a piece of art. I hope that this pen can be the precious instrument worthy of your line.


Made for an artist, by an artist.


The pen measures 5 5/8” in length. It will arrive in a gift box with a Brause Blue Pumpkin pen nib, Certificate of Authenticity, and an original surprise sketch drawn by me.

The Wild at Heart Pen


    2020 Cody Vrosh and Binary Winter Press